Leadership, as the saying goes, is not a title but instead a series of repeated actions. We know that quality leadership in organizations is sometimes hard to find, especially when people are hired externally or in respect for their tenure. Here at Chief Consulting Inc though, our hiring philosophy is that the only way into a managerial role is by earning it.

We focus on placing the right people in the right positions by advancing them internally through a Manager-in-Training Program. Through an intensive 12-18 months of marketing, sales, situational leadership, communication, and team building training, we ensure that the future leaders of our organization receive adequate preparation and have earned their spot on the playing field.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Face-to-face sales consultations
  • Continuous leadership training
  • Oversee a team of 5-15 people

Training includes:

  • Advanced communication skills
  • Time management
  • Business development
  • Leadership development
  • Team management
  • Direct marketing/sales


  • 2-4-year Degree
  • 1-2 years experience in a people oriented business
  • Go-getter mindset
  • Solution-oriented mentality


  • Corporate sponsored conferences
  • Energetic team atmosphere
  • Weekly bonuses and incentives
  • Branch management opportunities